Think Green Technology, EV
Power Plaza declared “Environment Friendly Management Policy” in 2007 and secured technical skills for Electric Vehicle through the power-train solution research and EV conversion business based on the accumulated power electronics technology. Furthermore Power Plaza has tried to develop the reliable products and new technology for electric vehicle by acquiring high-tech software, hardware and etc.


‘YEBBUJANA R2's technical features are as outstanding as the design. It has a maximum range of 765km (with a constant speed of 60km/h) on a single charge. This is possible due to a 81kWh battery capacity and the car’s light total weight of 837kg because of a carbon fiber structure.
Furthermore, the roadster allows a dynamic driving experience with a “permanent-magnet synchronous motor" (PMSM) with 80kW output and a 5-speed manual transmission, in order to achieve the maximum speed of 199km/h plus the “0 to 100km/h” acceleration in 4.07 seconds. The company has developed its own battery packing technique to secure safety and high efficiency, and applied the European standard charging method, “AC 3 phase”.

YEBBUJANA electric cars are built with a ”One-piece” monocoque structure. Power Plaza is emphasizing the unique curved figure of car body for ‘YEBBUJANA R2’ and the convertible roof which is still close to prototype version.
The front of car design is motivated from the curves of a dynamic dolphin and the rear side embodies feature a smooth and exquisite look.

Design Concept



Smart Monitor



One-piece under floor

The characteristic of one piece under floor for the body of Yebbujana is a huge reduction of manufacturing facility cost comparing to the normal car’s frame method or monococo method. Such a simple manufacturing process possible with the simple structure of body with one piece floor. Yebbujana has a simple assembly characteristic and optimized body structure for manufacturing electric vehicle. Powerplaza has the design and manufacturing patent for the one-piece floor for the body of a car.

High Performance, High Efficiency Lithium-ion battery

High-Power Motor & low voltage 80V for safety

A high-torque motor of 80kw has been used on this vehicle.

Charging at home 220V electrical outlet

Using On board Charger(OBC), “YEBBUJANA ” can be easily charged from normal
220V outlet and it is also possible to implement standard charging system and
fast charging system with three-phase 380V[AC].
inlet and outlet according to consumer demand provides.


EV Components R&D and Manufacturing process

Optimized battery pack system

Electric Vehicle Design & engineering

Catia design engineer

Dynamic Analysis-RECURDYN(FunctionBay, Inc.)


Photo Gallery

    YEBBUJANA series, which means to 'Isn't she preetty' in korean, is a compilation of POWERPLAZA's specialized technologies. It has attended both domestic and international electric vehicle exhibitions and competitions.
    Consequently, YEBBUJANA has contributed in increasing public awareness of the global environment issues and importance of electric vehicles in the near future.

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